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Thread: Squat stance

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    Squat stance

    I like to use a very wide stance when I squat, I have a very strong lower back, and glutes, but weak quads. My question is how wide is to wide for a competition. I have heard that some power orgs have been red lighting very wide stance squats done by westsiders. I heard that Chuck vogelpohl has had this problem in recent meets. I just want to know so that I can start to train with a narrower stance so that I don't bomb a competition because of this. I have been training with a narrow stance to strengthen my quads, but I feel I will never be a great quad squater.

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    You can squat as wide as you want. The reason that some people get red lighted is because its harder to reach parrell with a wide stance.
    Make sure the spotters know that you will have more forward lean then most squatters, otherwise you have spotters taking weight from you when your still moving it (happend at last 2 meets)
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    yeah, I squat really wide, it is harder to get to parrallel. Something I noticed though, I never feel like I'm going to fail even though it's harder, it's like depending on my hams and glutes more has helped balance the load.


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