ok in this post i am referring to a natural person that lifts for body appearance, and wants to maintain a relatively low bodyfat percentage, on the other hand i am not talking about a competitive bodybuilder thta is most worried about looking good on one certain day.

it is my understandying that adipose cells hold fat, and when you cut to lose fat the fat is taken out of the cells and used as energy, but it is impossible to actually destroy adipose cells one they are created, is this right? also the only way you can destroy adipose cells is to use dnp or such supplements, that is why i am talking about natural bodybuilders, no use of dnp or relating supps.

so when bulking it has been proven that along with the fat gain you will gain adipose cells in order to store the bodyfat, and after your cycle of bulking and when you cut, there is no way you can lose these adipose cells. ultimately this is gonna lead in your future to an easier time of gaininga nd storing bodyfat with the surplus of adipose cells? and after continuance of bulking, your adipose cells will have accumulated to that of a rather obese person causing one to have hard times maintaining a relatively low bodyfat percentage.

so with this in mind, is this increase in adipose fat cells really that big of a deal, is bulking for a natural persont he best course to take in terms of muscle growth and physical appearance???