So I decided this summer I wanna try powerlifting style reps and focus on the 4 main lifts to help me get stronger rather than bulkier. (was doing WBB routine 1) I was searching around online and found this routine and it seemed to me like it would be a good start for an intermediate lifter like myself...Highlights each main lift with a few accessories per day and stays pretty balanced when comparing amount of work performed by upper and lower body. Thoughts and criticism appreciated!

Mon: Bench 2-3 x 4/ 1x max
DB Bench 8,6,6,4
Weighted Dip 4-6 x 4
Row 10,8,8,6,4

Wed: Squat 2-3 x 4/1 x max
Leg Curl 4-6 x 4
Leg Extension 4-6 x 4
Calf Raise 15 x 4

Fri: OH press 6 x 4
Incline 6 x 4
Front Raise 8 x 4
Close Grip 10,8,6,4
Crushers 6-8 x 4

Sat: Deads 6-8 x 6
Leg Curl 10 x 4
Smith Lunges 6 per leg x 5
Calf Raise 15 x 4

insert cardio and abs on off days