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Thread: How can i help my back?

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    How can i help my back?

    my back kinda sticks out a bit at the top where the shoulder blades are. When i stand up completely straight it helps a little bit, but is there anything i can do to help improve posture and shapen my back.

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    Barbell rows where the touch the bar higher towards the chest, Face pulls and lat pulls where you arch the back while the weight comes down and touch the upper chest.

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    VikingWarlord posted this in a similar thread. I thought it was good advice.

    Do some research into Alexander Technique. I've known people that found an instructor and it made a world of difference REALLY fast.

    One of the exercises is a mental one. Imagine a piece of string that connects to the base of your spine and runs all the way up to the top. The top of your spine is at the base of your skull. Grab that imaginary string and pull yourself upright. It sounds stupid but it works. I've tried it with friends and it never fails to get them to stand up straight.

    Another one is to stand against a wall. Your heels, butt, shoulder blades, and the back of your head should be the points of contact with the wall and you should be able to get your forearm between the small of your back and the wall. If your lumbar spine is touching the wall, you're slouching. Stand like that for a minute or so a few times a day. Eventually, you'll adjust. Constantly monitor your behavior and, if you notice you're slouching, walk over to the wall and do it. Become self-correcting.
    As for your weightlifting routine, make sure it contains as many, if not more, back exercises than chest exercises and includes deadlifts, rows and chin/pull-ups.

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    I like the visualization of the string through the head, I use it myself and it works well. One exercise you can do to strengthen the rhomboids (which are the little muscles that attach the tips of your scapula to your spine and is responsible for most of your posture) is to hold lightweight dumbells (like 10's to start) with a pronated grip. With your palms pronated away from each other as far as they will go, gently pull your shoulder blades together and squeeze them hard. Keep your shoulders relaxed; try NOT to use your traps, it's a deeper muscle. The point of the weight is to help your feel the rhomboids, not to provide resistance. Do this for 6 sets, 5 reps each.

    It's hard for me to explain it without being able to demonstrate, but I hope that description will paint the picture. Below is an anatomy chart showing the rhomboids. You see how they are a layer under the traps. A lot of people have very disproportionate trapezius to rhomboid strength, and some with very strong traps can still have very poor posture.

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