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Thread: Do Any Of Your Training Partners Quit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JK1 View Post
    Its also known as the inverse myotatic reflex or golgi tendon reflex.

    Basically the nerves of a muscle cause it to shut down if its stretched to a point while under tension. Its basically the opposite of the "stretch reflex". The idea is that it prevents severe muscle injury by removing the load from that muscle as its stretched. Like I said, I think different people have different degrees of golgi reflex. Its something that supposedly you can train yourself to get better too---by forcing your body to strain under a heavy load.
    Some guys have trained so hard they can ignore it completely. That's where you see guys detaching muscle from bone and stuff.

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    I get agitated easily when lifting weights. I know this because Ive had my nephew out a few times. While I lift hed start messing about with my equipment and Id just loose the head at him for making noise. If my training partner was shouting at me Id end up going down for murder.

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