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    Starting pics

    I have been wandering around this site for about 6 months, and finally decided to post. I ordered Starting Strength, and I am hoping once this semester is over I can start focusing on packing on some weight. Anyway, here are some pics.

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    Good luck bro!!!!!!!!!!! This site is full of information.
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    I wish I started out with a lean physique like yours. I was skinny/fat when I began lifting. Goodluck man!

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    I got starting strength in the mail yesterday, so I will be reading through it for the next few days. School is almost out so I'll be able to follow my gym schedule alot better. I'll post update pics at 165-170ish.

    Oh yea, and stats as off the pics in the first post:
    B: 185lbs
    S: 245 lbs
    D: 275 lbs
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