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    Off Road's (Old Dude) HCT-12

    Okay, okay...I know I was doing good with the 5/3/1, but I just couldn't resist giving HCT-12 a good run through. I've built a good strength and conditioning base, and I want to put some of this hypertrophy stuff to the test before I get too old to take advantage of it. I love the looks of the routine and the science behind it, it definitely falls in line with what I think is "the right way to train." So without further a-do...

    My routine:
    Day 1:
    Seated Shoulder Press
    Weighted Bar Dips
    Barbell Curls

    Day 2:
    Barbell Back Squats
    Stiff Leg Dead Lift
    Weighted Situps

    Day 3:

    Day 4:
    Barbell Bench Press
    Rack Pull-Ups
    Barbell Rows

    Day 5:

    My Diet: (~3,300 calories)

    Meal 1:
    3 whole eggs
    2 turkey sausage patties
    1/2 cup plain oatmeal
    6 oz. orange juice
    3 fish oil caps

    Meal 2:
    1 slice whole wheat bread
    10-12 slices turkey lunch meat
    2 slices provolone cheese
    1 piece of fruit (apple, banana, bunch of grapes)

    Meal 3: (post workout)
    1/2 cup milk
    2 scoops Nitrean

    Meal 4:
    Large amounts of lean meat
    2 cups green vegetables
    Small potato or rice

    Meal 5:
    1-1/2 cups cottage cheese
    handful of raw nuts

    Also, large amounts of water throughout the day.

    Sun May 9, 2010

    Seated Press
    80 lbs x 6
    100 lbs x 6
    120 lbs x 6
    135 lbs x 6
    150 lbs x 6
    170 lbs x 6 + 2 + 2 + 2

    Bar Dips
    BW x 6
    +55 lbs x 6 + 2 + 2 + 2

    Barbell Curls
    Bar x 6
    65 lbs x 6
    100 lbs x 6 + 2 + 2 + 2

    I guessed just about right for the press. I got the 6 reps pretty easy, but the + 2's were tough. I definitely didn't go heavy enough with the dips, I need to add a bit more next time and add another ramping set. The curls were alright, a little light, but not bad. The workout was quick and intense, just the way I like it. Tomorrow, squats...
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