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    Thrust's HCT-12 Journal

    I'm new here (long-time lurker). I just finished reading all three articles and am going to work on a routine, which I'll post later. I will likely do the 4-day split (aka, ABAB). Now, I have to work on the nutrition side of things.

    Will update later

    Diet: 2380 calories

    Meal 1:
    2 scoops whey (will likely substitute w/ eggs)**
    1 banana
    32g Nat. More Peanut Butter

    Meal 2:
    1 scoop whey
    3 fish oil pills

    Meal 3:
    4oz. Grass-fed ground beef (93/7)
    2 cups Spinach mix
    1 serving Parmesan Cheese (grated)
    Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Spray
    1 Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Muffin
    3 fish oil pills

    Meal 4 (PWO):
    1 scoop whey
    40g dextrose

    Meal 5 (dinner):
    8oz. Chicken Breast
    46g. Long grain brown rice
    1 cup Asparagus

    Meal 6 (bed):
    2 scoops whey
    32g. Naturally More PB
    3 fish oil pills

    ABAB Program:

    Day 1-A

    Barbell Row:
    45x12; 65x10; 75x8; 95x6; 115x6; 125x6; 135x6+2+3+2

    Bench Press:
    95x10; 105x10; 135x6; 155x6; 165x6+2+2+2

    Rack Chins:
    BWx6; BWx6; BWx4 (I'm carrying around 50lbs. of extra fat. Gonna take some time with these)

    Standing DB Press:
    30x6; 35x6; 40x6; 40x6+2+2+2

    BWx6; BWx6; BWx6+2+2+2
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