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Thread: Shoulder sore - should I take a week off?

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    Shoulder sore - should I take a week off?

    Need some advice:
    On April 29th, I was doing day 3 of the texas method. Like an idiot, I did not warm up before my bench press. On the first rep, my left shoulder began to hurt.

    I ended up finishing the workout fine.... Since then, I have completed all of my workouts and gaining good strength. It does not hurt any more than it did on April 29th. (a little sore in the morning, but better in mid morning). I have full range of motion and it doesn't seem to bother me once I warm up and start lifting. But I can "feel" that it is not as healthy as my right shoulder.

    Would it be wise to take a few days off??? I do not want to cause any permanent damage. It seems to be a "light" lingering pain. Its not bad enough to even warrant advil or anything like that.

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    Take the week off.. You dont want further injury to form.
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    Take a week off and ice it. Always warm-up from here on out (obviously). Good news is that it doesn't sound very serious.

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    If it doesn't hurt to bench press, then I would just go ahead and keep lifting. Also, ice, a lot of ibuprofen, and don't be an idiot again.

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    A week off isn't going to hurt anything.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I think I am going to take a week off. I am trying to eat as clean as possible. It sucks to not be able to work out!

    Is it ok to come back even if it is a little sore? I am going to take Ibprufen right now actually.

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    Better a week off now than a month or 2 down the road. Let this be an opportunity to completely recover.
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    I strongly suggest you take a week off. This will prevent you from receiving further shoulder damage. Let it recover and if you suspect that it's not getting better, you can slowly start Simple Stretches, Range Of Motion and Strength Exercises. This worked for me.

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    update on this: I took 4 straight days off. I did come back stronger. The shoulder feels a little better/kinda the same. Definitely does not feel any worst. I did day 1 of the Texas Method today and I'm going to wait until Saturday to do Day 2. I will be taking another 4 days off next week as I will be traveling for work.

    I do not feel any pain during the day, nor do I feel any pain during lifting really. The only time I feel a little pain is when I pull my shoulders back and stand erect. Shrugs don't bother it, but OHP seem to aggravate it a little. So I've dropped OHP from my workouts for a few weeks. Don't see any swelling, but I am still taking it easy.

    Rick, can you elaborate on the shoulder stretches/strength training a bit?

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