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Thread: WOW this sucks !

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    WOW this sucks !

    Well i just got accepted for the 7 week schoool program I applied to, and it couldnt be better. However my local gym is a 5 hour drive away Im staying in a city where I have no idea where a gym is, and no way to get there! The only good thing is that I get to go home every saturday and lift at my gym for an hour or so. Any ideas on what I should be doing with a 1 day workout? I was on starting strength and right now Im cutting.

    As for the place I stay in, I managed to bring a pull up bar and set of resistance straps with me. Any suggestions on week workouts? Im also running every other day. Wow this sucks. Just when I was noticing some decent progress.

    Any input will help guys.


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    Im staying in a city where I have no idea where a gym is,
    check the internet? ask around?

    and no way to get there!
    bike? bus? make friends with somebody who has a car?
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    Try something new

    Well there's a few things you can do. Since you only have the basic things you should first try freeing up just 3 days out of your schedule to actually life. since its school you'll definitely want to get your sleep [most important part] and schedule your time to lift when you dont have school. Anyway i recommend that you try some different stamina exercises like Pushups until you cant do any more. rest for 1 minute. and then do half of that number. Rest 3 full minutes. and resume your maximum and carry on like that. it gets killer. Also if you can sneak a bar in there curls at 10X reps for 100 sets can be very good too. As for your running if your watching what you eat your really shouldn't run too far. Runners actually dont need all that muscle mass to move their bodies, so your bodie instinctively rids your muscles before you start seeing the little pudge you may have go away. hope i helped!!!!! Stick with it dude.

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    Considering the one day limitations, it would have to be a full body workout.

    Maybe something like:

    Squat - 1 x 20
    S.l.d.l. - 2 x 8
    Bench - 2 x 8
    Rows - 2 x 8
    Press - 2 x 8
    Curls - 2 x 8
    Gut work

    You could still make some nice strength gains and it's only for a short time.
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