So about 6 weeks ago, I tore a muscle in my lower back (same trouble spot hurt many times before). Well, I assume it was a torn muscle. I was almost completely crippled by spasms, after about 3 days I was able to walk with 2 inch steps, then I re-injured it to the point where I couldnt even crawl or drag myself along the ground without blindingly painful spasms across my entire lower back. I ended up having emergency services come get me in an ambulance and take me to the ER. I had X-Rays that didnt show any spinal disfunction, so they pretty much just gave me some pain killers and muscle relaxers and sent me on my way.

I'd never gone to the doctor before with my back problems since I was pretty sure they'd just tell me to "strengthen my core", but I was sick of this happening so I broke down and went to the family doctor to see if they had any more insight on how to avoid this crap in the future. Unfortunatley, she told me exactly what I thought she'd say, but I did get prescribed some Physical Therapy, I thought maybe they'd have some better input. Of course I was disappointed again. The PT was a decent guy, and had some good ideas, but failed to provide any new information.

During this whole process, I decided I'd wait the requisite 6 weeks for most muscle tissue to heal to about 80% instead of going back to the gym right away (which I'd done in the past). I used that time to reduce my calorie intake since my activity level was much much lower (I did about 15 minutes of core exercises a day, thats about it). I managed to drop about 8 pounds over the 6 weeks I was out of the gym and have decided to keep my intake lower to try to get down to 10% bf.

So here I am now, just starting back at the gym. I gotta admit that Im very scared of re-injuring myself so Im getting "back in action" (see what I did there) really really slowly, limiting exercises that will put my back in a comprimised position while continuing rehab exercises outside of the main lifts.

Current Stats
Age; 37
Height: 6'
Weight: 190
BF: 21% (as measured by my scale)
Lifts: ? My previous max BP was around 265, and I havent done full weight DL or Squats since my previous injury so I dont know what they are

Age: 25 (Hey, you never know what modern science will bring)
Weight: 180 (maybe 175)
BF: 10%
Lifts: As long as I keep progressing, I'll be happy.

Once I hit those goals, I will concentrate on lean gains to get back up to about 200 instead of cutting weight

I plan on doing mostly Hammer Strength exercises for at least the first month, then I will graduate back into free weights as I feel more comfortable lugging plates and dumbells around.

That about sums it up. Workout logs to follow.