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Thread: Poll - Are you aware that Wannabebig and AtLarge Nutrition are the same company?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
    Daniel and Chris are the owners, no secret there. There are also a few sponsored athletes and authors, who you can tell because they are identified in their signatures. It's not like a big secret. That's just a [very] few among the many, many people that rave about ALN products and service.
    Not a secret, but also not wide open information for new members... After a few days I'm sure it's easy enough to realize... But it's not like their subtitle says "I'm the OWNER mofo!!!" haha

    Not disagreeing with the majority of your post though...

    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason View Post
    Yes, we really try to hide things to trick our members...

    Seriously, it is pretty obvious whom we sponsor. They further normally state that they personally use the products and like them. Heck, they sometimes even recommend products that we do not sell. Lol, what more do you want?
    I think the sponsors are well known and I think the un-sponsored supporters of your products have an even greater impact. Either way... In no way are you deceiving people....

    Quote Originally Posted by Astreocclu View Post
    Just wondeirng, why the poll anyway?
    Uhh... To find out who know that they are the same company?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jilla82 View Post
    I thought Atlarge was just a sponsor...didnt know they were the same company.

    It explains why other products are rarely discussed on here though.
    I disagree with this... I think other products are discussed on here quite often. Yes, sometimes if AtLarge offers a similar product the conversation is turned to that ALN's product... However, knowing how ALN operates and knowing the qualitty of their product I don't feel that it's because they don't want other products to be discussed... I think it's because they truly have the better product (where they offer the same product) and the general population of this board agrees!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jilla82 View Post
    I thought Atlarge was just a sponsor...didnt know they were the same company.

    It explains why other products are rarely discussed on here though.
    Eh, if you look at the supplement section, there are quite a few posts about other non ALN products. But, in respects, if you go to any forum run by a supplement company, take Animal for instance, you usually discuss specific products. It's not like where it's a general bodybuilding/strength website and there are all sorts of product reviews.
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    Nope I didnt know...
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    Again, thanks to everyone for voting in the poll and posting in this thread, it has been very useful for us to know that most people are aware of it and also that people start to become aware of it after they have stuck around the site for a bit.

    In regards to the balance of how AtLarge is promoted on WBB (what a lot of the discussion in this thread is about) we've always worked hard to balance the commercial needs of AtLarge and the values of WBB and to be fair I think we do a pretty good job. You can discuss whatever products you want on the site and you are also open to have your own opinions about AtLarge products. It just so happens that we have some very loyal and passionate customers aswell as some very good products, which is why AtLarge products are heavily discussed on here

    AtLarge Nutrition Supplements – Get the best supplements and help support Wannabebig!

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    yes, as I was an HCT - 12 beta tester...

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    I've always been aware that there's a connection between the two, but I didn't realise until a bit later that they were the same company. On the otherhand, it's not as "in your face" as on that other site...
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    Just found out

    I wasn't aware that AtLarge and WBB were the same company until I made my first purchase from AtLarge. The shipping was super fast by the way. Thanks for that.
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    WTF is wannabebig???
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    I did not know when I first started "lurking" around and reading, but put two and two together later when i was reading some of the supplement portion of the site. I did not even look at the supp section for a while after starting to post here and read?

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    I didn't even know I had an account here until I got the email for the mass PM.

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    I've been here for a while but I'm pretty sure I knew from the beginning that WBB and ALN were the same.
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    It's kind of odd that there's no 'true' mention of this on either website (aside from this topic confirming it). From what I gathered before my doubts were confirmed was that AtLarge become a 'sponsor' for this website and helped contribute funding for maintenance of WBB in exchange for advertising space. It seems like this is just is more of a 'sub' company to AL.

    Does it make any real difference? No, but better clarification never hurts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky View Post
    Wow! 69,208 members and only 300 or so voted. Wonder how many are still active.
    Just voted -- and I've known for several years.
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    I didn't know but it makes sense.

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    I've always known, but I feel the affiliation could be strengthened with better marketing on the respective sites. WBB does a great job with the misc banners for the ALN products. Is it important that we know that both are owned by the same person (Chris)?

    From a business aspect, I feel that if you are going to fund a website(s) though a product or exterior income, I would take advantage of whatever marketing strategy to promote said product. Customer side: I'm pretty selective about what products I use, so seeing ALN only on WBB helps remind me that I need a new tub of Nitrean, Opticen, etc...

    The ALN site shows no affiliation hints with WBB (or even a link?) I feel if you have the ALN product out there in magazines, competitions (or on a competitor's attire), or what have you, you should at least see how simply linking WBB on the ALN site will draw traffic here.

    The way I see it, ALN is just a place where I would buy my product and leave. If I saw there were discussions boards from people who use said products, I may be more intrigued to check it out and join.

    Just a quick thought.
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