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Daniel and Chris are the owners, no secret there. There are also a few sponsored athletes and authors, who you can tell because they are identified in their signatures. It's not like a big secret. That's just a [very] few among the many, many people that rave about ALN products and service.
Not a secret, but also not wide open information for new members... After a few days I'm sure it's easy enough to realize... But it's not like their subtitle says "I'm the OWNER mofo!!!" haha

Not disagreeing with the majority of your post though...

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Yes, we really try to hide things to trick our members...

Seriously, it is pretty obvious whom we sponsor. They further normally state that they personally use the products and like them. Heck, they sometimes even recommend products that we do not sell. Lol, what more do you want?
I think the sponsors are well known and I think the un-sponsored supporters of your products have an even greater impact. Either way... In no way are you deceiving people....

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Just wondeirng, why the poll anyway?
Uhh... To find out who know that they are the same company?

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I thought Atlarge was just a sponsor...didnt know they were the same company.

It explains why other products are rarely discussed on here though.
I disagree with this... I think other products are discussed on here quite often. Yes, sometimes if AtLarge offers a similar product the conversation is turned to that ALN's product... However, knowing how ALN operates and knowing the qualitty of their product I don't feel that it's because they don't want other products to be discussed... I think it's because they truly have the better product (where they offer the same product) and the general population of this board agrees!