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Thread: James' Back in action HCT-12 journal!

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    James' Back in action HCT-12 journal!

    Little info about me before we start

    Age: 21
    Weight 135
    Height : 5ft 8

    history wise: I was a semi pro soccer player for 5 years which stopped due to injuries to my ankle(18 years old)
    I ballon to a massive 205!!!! I moved to the USA aged 20 from suny england with a weight of 160 after months of crueling cardio to get there i might add lol. I then carried on reducing my weight until the summer hit =D where i no longer be a college and could dedicated myself to HCT-12.. As i waited patiently for to hit the fourms.

    DIET- calorie intake 2300

    Meal 1:
    2 scoops whey
    1 banana

    (this will prob change to eggs sooner rather then later)

    Meal 2: (PWO)
    1 mass gain shake
    3 fish oil pills

    Meal 3:
    4oz. Fish/ chicken
    2 cups Salads mix
    2 slices of home-made whole wheat bread.
    3 fish oil pills

    Meal 4
    1 scoop whey
    40g dextrose

    Meal 5 (dinner):
    8oz. Chicken Breast/ Beef
    25. brown rice
    1 cup of mixxed vegetable.

    Meal 6 (bed):
    2 scoops whey

    IM hitting the A B A for now as i havent lifted properly in a year this also doesnt include my Creatine monohydrate and the obvious water intake

    See ya Monday for my first workout post.
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    5ft 8
    Goal is 160lbs by sept
    HCT-12 Program

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