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Thread: Key Principles to Muscle Growth Article

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    Key Principles to Muscle Growth Article

    This article is part of our Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12) release - Key Principles to Muscle Growth

    However, it just so happens to be THE best article we've published (and quite frankly that you'll find anywhere) for summarizing the key principles for muscle growth.

    I wanted to make a thread here so that everyone is aware of it. Whether you intend on getting on the HCt-12 routine or not, this is a MUST, MUST read.

    If you liked it, please share with your friends on other forums and click the Facebook like button if you are on Facebook.
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    I found it to be an interesting article. I'm not planning at this time to get on the routine but I like to read the various training programs many of the different sites present. I think this article is great for the many lifters that do not know this type of information - it is a must read.

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