Hey guys, im a 17 year old junior in high school. I weigh 245-248ish, and i have been on WS4SB for awhile, and i did see some gains on that progrma (mostly in squat and deadlift, i really want my bench to go upmore!) but lost a little in the last week. This is because i got my wisdom teeth out, and pretty much had a steady diet of pudding and sherbert with a bit of protein powder thrown in. Now i am looking to cut some weght before the summer, and hopefully my lifts can go up as well. Im also using results again, which is really great for exactly that , results hahaha.

Meal 1
3 Omega 3 eggs+1 cup of egg whites. 1 large apple.

Before work out: 2/3 of Results
After work out: 2 scoops of nitrean

Meal 2

2 Pastrami sandwiches

Meal 3 Can of Tuna

Meal 4 Porkchops and sweet potatos

Meal 5 probably going to be either a can of tuna or a scoop of nitrean.


12 minutes of 2 minutes running and 2 minutes walking, on and off. This is mandatory during Personal fitness class.

Bench press:
135x6+2+2+2 (this went down, i could do 135 10 times pretty easily 3 weeks ago, but i think it will come back fast)

Dumbbel Rows
60x6+2+2+2 (i went easy on this time, i wasnt sure how heavy i wanted to go, ill probably go to ateleast 80 next time)

I cant remeber the weights for this...

I didnt have that much time this time, which really ticked me off. Is it possible that i can the two exercises i missed tomorrow, and just contiue as normal on friday?