OK, I'm sure it's been asked a bajillion times. Bad forum user...

I just did my first HCT-12 workout last night. It was AWESOME. But I have all kinds of questions (click the link to My Journal in my signature). The one I have the most problems with, though, is knowing how to plan for next time.

Are we just supposed to "feel" our way through it each time? I feel like I need to decide before I get there what weight my 1-2 rep "warmup/feeler/ramping" sets are going to be, how much weight I'll put on between sets, and then at what weight I'll switch to "working" sets, and then how much weight I'll put on between those.

Without that figured out in advance I think I'll stand there at the gym like a dumbass scratching my head trying to make a decision.

Any advice?