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Thread: Alternating DB Curls

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    Alternating DB Curls

    I hate to talk trash, but I always see guys at the gym doing these standing, and they jerk the hell out of the weight and then ride the momentum up. When I do them I sit down with my back pressed firmly into the seatback and my elbows firmly squeezed into my sides. My palms start facing me, but the first thing I do before bringing the weight up is rotate the db so my palms face forward in your basic curl form. Am I way in left field for thinking these guys are dolts, or am I just being a dick because I *think* my form and technique is better?

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    you really shouldn't compare yourself to others, but, some people really don't lift right and don't know what they're doing
    contrary to popular belief if you walk up to them, and say, "hey i know im not big enough to tell peeps what to do, but if you do those barbell curls with much tighter form you bi's will get HUUUGGEEEE" Say that, its not all true, in fact curls in general are stupid imho, but they wil most likely take your advice and improve their form.
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    well if they're jerking it, then yeah they're dolts. Personally I do em standing up, and if I think I'm too exhausted to get a rep up without jerking, I just end my set there. It's all about being disciplined enough to say 'ok, i can't do this with proper form for another rep, I'm done".


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