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Thread: Calling Rochester, NY Powerlifters!

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    Calling Rochester, NY Powerlifters!

    I recently moved to the area and a few friends and I have put together a garage gym.

    We are looking for powerlifters and strength athletes in the Rochester, NY area... Our garage gym is located in Sea Breeze area of Rochester and is transforming into a full on strength facility.

    We have recently added a full Westside Barbell R3 power rack with band pegs (bolted to floor), Glute Ham Raise, Modified 45* Hyper (for wide stance), EFS Yoke/SS Bar, Jesup 1500lb power bar, tons of bands, chains, DB's up to 130.lbs, sleds, real lat pulldown with tons of attachments, row machine, boards, squat and DL boxes, rubber+plywood floor, and more.

    If you are interested please PM me here. Just looking to get some true training sessions in!
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