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Thread: Broken toes and leg day

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    Broken toes and leg day

    So yesterday i broke my pinky toe and the little guy next to it. What are my options on leg day till it heals? Should i just push through and continue doing squats and deads or are their any good alternative exercises i can do until it heals. I just hate to stop squating right now i was doing so good with my routine.

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    I think I would simply play it by feel. If an exercise bothered them I wouldn't do it. You may just wind up with extensions and curls for a few weeks.
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    I broke a 45lb plate from chest level on the base of toes between the big and 2nd toe and it destroyed me athletically for about 3 weeks. So long as I made every effort to not allow my toes to support any bodyweight, I was still able to train as usual (except for my throwing). It's 4 months later and it's still partially swollen and hurts sometimes, lol..

    FWIW I was doing speed deads with 315 4 days later. Just have to keep the pressure off that part of the foot. Because it's moreso the side of your foot, you might have some problems with that.
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    Yeah, what they said. Most of the load should be on the heels anyway but you'd be hard pressed to stay off your toes entirely.

    Jake, that sounds beyond painful.

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