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Thread: Project: Recomposition; 3.5 months of work

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    Project: Recomposition; 3.5 months of work

    For reference, here's the only true "before" pic I have. Wish I had better ones, but this one with part of my barbarian haircut showing will have to do.

    I am 5'7" by the way. What would you guesstimate my BF% is? I'm not too good at judging and have no way of accurately testing myself.

    Before (weighed about 157-ish) early February

    Last Night (weighed 159.5 this morning) late May

    -edit: (added photos)

    As you can see I have quite a bit of size-gaining to do, which is going to happen. I don't have a desire to totally rush a bulk though and then have to rush a cut afterwards. I'd rather take it a bit more gradually than most might, and minimize the amount of cycling. We shall see though.

    I started out "cutting" because I didn't like my BF%, but then things reached a point where I realized how small I am and thought why the freak am I cutting, so I started a slow bulk while managing to keep my BF% at or below where it was. So now after about 3.5 months of training altogether, I weigh a couple more lbs than I did at start, but my strength, composition, and overall conditioning is up--one of my goals has actually been to improve my functional conditioning... I didn't like getting tired from running for like 50 meters lol. The short-term goal for now is to clean bulk up to 165. I will re-evaluate from there. I figure in the grand scheme of things I could most likely make quicker progress by just cycling bulks and cuts, but this is okay with me.

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