So when I was doing squats yesterday, by the time I was shooting for my 6 rep max, I could already feel that I had partially exhausted some of my squat strength and I ended up not being able to lift as much weight as usual.
In the article you address that some days are not going to be as good as others, but I'm wondering about the philosophy of the ramping. That is, if I can feel my body started to get drained on the work sets, should I cut back on the number of ramping sets, or should I keep going with it? Should by goal here not always necessarily be hitting the numbers I want, but rather, sticking with a semi-consistent program? I know that there is no set number of sets, and part of this program is about "auto-regulation", but if I can feel my body starting to get drained after 2 or 3 work sets, should I just go ahead and try to hit my 6 rep max after fewer work sets?