So, it’s that time a year. The “winter bulk” has come to an end and it’s time to lose that topcoat layer for the beach. Well, don’t cut the sleeves off your shirt just yet. Here are some tricks that you can try out to put your fat loss into fast forward…

Active Rest Between Sets

It may sound like and oxymoron, when in actuality it is the quickest way to shed fat outside of your diet. With that said… Screw the treadmill!

Instead of standing around in between sets and checking out your triceps in the mirror, pick from the following exercises to be performed for 30 seconds to a minute in between each set.

Jumprope - best fat loss tool known to man. It burns more calories in half the time than running on the treadmill like a hamster.

Mountain Climbers - engages every muscle from your ankles to your head and can be done anywhere in the gym.

"Burpees" - not only help you activate both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, but is a full-body movement that will put your metabolism into 5th gear for the entire day.

Though these exercises can be a workout in themselves, be sure to pace yourself and keep an intensity that will elevate your heart rate but won’t cause you to compensate form on your lifts.

The Jumprope burns more calories in half the time than running on the treadmill.

Pre-Meal Supplementation

How your body absorbs what you eat can drastically affect your fat loss goals. Try the following 30 minutes before your major meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to gain an edge on your fat loss journey.

Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA) - aids in fat oxidation and helps utilize fat for energy.

Fiber Supplement (Metamucil) - not only makes digestion more efficient, but nutrient absorption as well.

Green Tea or green tea capsules - powerful antioxidants and natural fat burning properties that can, well, burn fat!

Combining all three of these can ensure that what you eat will not only be properly absorb, but will have less chance to be stored as fat.

No Starches 3 Hours Before Bed

Unless you’re a nighthawk that works out super late at night, your body will have no use for carbohydrates at this point. Instead of breaking them down and using them for energy, like you do throughout your active day, your body will break them down into fat. Try tapering your carbs throughout the day until you have none within three hours of bed. Whatever carbs you DO have later in the day, make sure they are primarily fibrous carbs such as vegetables.

So there you have 3 Tricks to Jumpstart Your Fat Loss that will bring you closer to your optimal physique. Try them out and watch the fat melt off your hard earned muscle.


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