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Thread: lifting journal pt. 2

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    thanks scott, i do ok. i have no obligations to anyone or anything but myself.. so im in a position to be selfish i guess.. as far as lifting.. ... i have been way way overdue for a break. then i added all that volume in the end of may and its just too much... im just smoked all over. im dropping deficit deads entirely & skipping benching for a few weeks. starting 5/3/1 will put me at pretty low weights.. so that will be good for recovery

    terry, yeah i think it will be interesting to see how that version pans out over another few weeks. i want to see the calorie intake impact against weight movement within the surrounding days. its helpful to see the trend on the graph

    my shoulder is iffy.. i guess i might take tomorrow off... i dont know. benching irritates it... but ohp doesnt.. chins dont... this sucks. it will be a game time decision tomorrow morning. i havent felt satiated hunger wise in so long. i want to just drown myself in ground beef, cheese, pasta etc. maybe i could do a refeed on friday. work was so rough today.. bleh.
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