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    ty terry! sadly... not as much as youd think. delts are bigger but look the same to me. i am pretty tall so my chest/shoulders/back just isnt very big relatively speaking. i mean you put me next to a guy who doesnt lift and ill be literally twice his width but i dunno.. just seems like id have such bigger delts considering the weights i use. i find it odd. i hope that doesnt sound egotistical, its just confusing on a personal level.. hopefully that makes some sense.

    rory, thats correct. back shot is hard to do right atm.. my left bi is jacked up and i cant flex properly...... but i snapped a bunch.. they all came out blurry but i gotta get moving this AM. ill take some good ones tomorrow since for once i am not working the weekend and post up

    thanks ryan.


    30m fasted elliptical
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