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cals have been a bit higher for about a week but not a big deal. the good thing about this is that i'm still completely under control rather than binging hard.

if i did.. i have no idea how i would come in below light heavyweight 176-198.. i would get demolished in LHW.. equally so in middleweight as thats where all the enormous 5'6 guys are :P
It's good to hear that you aren't "killing" yourself with your diet and everything that comes along with it. I recall you stating before that you had these tremendous hunger pangs and feeling like total crap, definitely didn't sound fun. I'm happy you are under control, right after my contest I lost all control, haha. I won't let that happen again this time around though.

I agree that the LHW weightclass sucks given the disparity in weight. You are a bit taller, but you could most likely get very conditioned which can help you more than hurt you.