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Thread: Skinny new kid has no clue how to bulk

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    Skinny new kid has no clue how to bulk

    Hello all,
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6ft 3in
    Weight: 166 lbs
    I'm the typical skinny kid who can eat a vulgar amount of food and never gain any weight

    I desperatley want to gain lean muscle mass, or just weight in general. My goal is to weigh 200lbs.(I have no clue what a realistic time frame is to do this in) I have no clue how to begin bulking or how to calculate what i need to eat or do to get to my goal weight. I have read the articles posted about bulking but truthfully i dont understand most of it. I have lifted on and off for the last 4yrs.(at my best i weighed 170lbs and max benched 275 and squat 315) but i want to get serious about gaining weight now. When i used to lift i prided myself on the fact that i looked like i could barely bench close to 185lbs but could step up to the bench and blast out 275lb. Now i'm done with that, i want to look strong along with being it.

    Please help me build a routine/diet
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