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Thread: Pre contest diet for cruise?

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    Pre contest diet for cruise?

    I'm looking for a 4 to 8 wk diet that is close to as strict as a precontest diet just to see what it takes. I would like to do it leading up to a cruise i'm going on and then bulk again on the cruise. Is there any good ones around on the net that i could print off. I've done crazy diets before just never a full precontest diet. Thanks.

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    Yea i wanna know too so i can do a "practice" 1-2 month pre contest diet before the real one next yea. Does any1 know any?

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    just do paleo
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    Check out this article, it's a really solid rapid fat loss program - Elemental Fat Loss: Six Weeks to Grecian Proportions

    It doesn't lay out the diet in detail, but it gives you the basics to put something together and if you post it here, you could have it in place within a day or so?

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