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Thread: a buddy of mine wants to start working out

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    a buddy of mine wants to start working out

    i cant say that he has ever been serious about lifting, nor can i say that he has ever lifted a dumbell, but i talk about it enough that i think he wants to give it a go, so im gonna help him get started. what do you guys think would be a good routine for him? he wants to do it for more strength/fitness purposes, and i guess a bit of added size as well. would hct-12 be good for an absolute beginner? i was thinkin that or the 3day full body from this article

    thats the easy part. the hard part is the nutrition (figured id put this in the same post instead of making 2 different posts in 2 different sections). hes on that candida diet and is pretty strict about it, and he told me he has to really limit his carb intake to close to nothing, plus hes gotta pretty much double what hes eating everyday if he wants to be successful, plus hes hardcore organic. does anybody know anything about lifting while on that diet? im good with giving nutrition advice, but im kinda in the dark when it comes to navigated around a strict diet like that. any advice is appreciated, thanks guys
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    Get him to eat what he's currently eating, with a gallon of milk a day on top of it.

    Any standard novice routine will do. SS seems to be the most commonly recommended here.

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    I am currently trying the HCT-12 four-day program after being on the 5 Day Body Part Split for around a month.

    Quite frankly, I am not impressed with the HCT-12 four day program, or any of the programs set for that training regiment - probably because it just doesn't work for my training style. I, personally, enjoy muscle isolation days where I can focus on a primary and a secondary and worry about the other primaries later in the week.

    With that said, I will be going back to the "5 Day Body Part Split" next week.
    But that doesn't mean it isn't good for your friend.

    For a beginner, the most important part of exercising really isn't the program, but the motivation to complete a program. A work out that is condensed into a couple primaries with secondaries helps build confidence (in my opinion) in the gym because you are doing so much in a short amount of time. With the HCT-12 four-day program, it is set into two days essentially: Day A - chest, back, abs, and triceps / Day B - quads, hamstrings, hips, biceps.

    The actual workouts you choose to do on those days is up to you, but variety will help growth. So for him, I would endorse it.

    As far as diet - I am not all too knowledgeable about the organic limitations, but I am pretty sure shakes and etc are out of the question. I don't like to constrict my diet too much when I train, but I do watch what I eat - to a degree. I try to regulate sugar and fat intake mostly. As someone that is very unclear about what constraints his diet entails, I would just say "eat more," that seems to be the all encompassing solution to getting bigger. LOL.
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    As for the routine I would start him with a pretty basic routine something like WBB 1.1
    This routine will provide with all the basic lifts that will ensure he isn't neglecting any area. He will also establish a base to later evolve his routine depending on his specific needs.

    If my understanding of this diet type is correct he is simply trying to avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates. Which is fairly easy to work around, chicken, beef, eggs, yogurt, rice and nuts all fit within this diet.
    Just adjust his caloric intake in relation to what his goals are.

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    As far as lifting routines go, just start him on a basic and abbreviated routine. HCT-12, Starting Strength, Rader's Foundation Routine, or one of the many Hardgainer splits should work very well. If you need any particulars on those routines, let me know.

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    I wouldn't overwhelm the guy with too much training AND nutrition info. Get him to add two protein shakes a day that agree with his diet limitations and then if he sticks to things make another adjustment (EFAs?) a couple weeks down the road.

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