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Thread: Wrist Pain: Any suggestions

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    Wrist Pain: Any suggestions

    Hey Guys, I had a question, maybe you guys can show me the right direction. I also know that this might not be the right part of the forum, but this is where I would get more answers hehehe

    Well, I am having this minor wrist pain, a 1 from 1/10 scale, but I can feel my fingers being swollen and part of my fingers are stiff, at least that how they feel. I am thinking this is from pressing movements. I haven't taken a break since I started a few months ago. I also lost a lot of weight, almost 30 pounds and I am trying to lift as if I was 195 lbs (I am 171 lbs now). What can I do to aliviate the pain? Take a week off? Go easy on press movements? Both hands feel a little stiff. Since I am trying to lose more fat and weight, should I just do cardio this week and have a break? I don't want to make things worse.

    A few years a go I had this horrible pain, a 9, our of 10 the doctor said I had. I don't want to have that ever again. That's how the pain started a few years ago. I also type a lot at work (office work). I play the keyboard (instrument) three times a week, and trombone too.

    Just some info. Any experiences, recommendations? I don't want to risk anything after my bad lowerback injury!!
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    When you're lifting, try to make sure you keep your hands/wrists as straight as possible. You'll see alot of guys doing pressing movements with their hands nearly perpendicular to their wrists, I do my best not to do this. Also, try a set of wrist wraps from APT. I use those on heavy pressing.
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