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Thread: non tripod and dead bug

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    non tripod and dead bug

    Iím trying to fix my anterior pelvic tilt so as well as various hip flexor stretches and glutes activation exercises Iíve been looking at lower ab work to stabilize the pelvis.

    I was wondering where the non tripod exercise at the following link fits into the dead bug progression in the second link(Mike Robertson article): the first exercise in the core section

    Should it come before the deadbug?
    Also would you progress in this movement by moving with the kness extended more?

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    Not quite sure what you're asking, but the non-tripod is more difficult than the dead bug simply due to the fact that you're stressing those muscles the entire time and fully (because you don't have a single foot touching the ground) at least for Dead bug 1 and 2. If you're following the tmuscle article, I wouldn't concern myself with extending the knees unless you can't move on to the next section.

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