Is it possible?

I've been reading alot of articles and such and i mostly use dumbells or cable for my chest to work out certain imbalances. Now, i'm making good mass and strenght gains, but i feel like i'm lacking something..

I feel that my upper and upper inner chest are somewhat behind, ok, i know i go more heavy on flat presses than incline presses and i'm catching up, but still..what is buggin' me the most is the "inner" part..

that's where my question comes you need to do bench or barbell presses to increase the mass and definition of the "center" part? people tell me decent cable cross-overs also do the trick, but..i don't seem to notice that..

i'm currently designing my routine so that i work on my weak spots first, but i kinda got stuck on this chest thing, can't seem to find a solution with dumbells or cables and i'd like to sort out my imbalances first..and yes i know that if i train hard and eat like a monster i will get bigger and you won't notice the imbalances that much, but still..i'd prefer dumbells and cable..go look at jay cutler, it's not like his imbalances are unnoticable and he's huge..