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Thread: hitting chest two times ?

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    hitting chest two times ?

    i want to get my bench and dumbell press higher, does anyone have good tips, like is it bad to work your chest 2 times a week ? can i have tips ? my current new schedual i just created today is

    monday: chest, triceps, abs

    tuesday: legs

    wednsday: back,biceps abs

    thursday: chest

    friday: shoulders, abs

    sat-sunday are rest days

    on mondays, i do 4 sets reps of 8-10

    and for tuesday i thought about doing like a weight i can only do like 2-5 reps with like 5-7 sets, is that okay ?

    im kinda new to this, so if this schedual is bad or got any tips let me know ?
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    I'd suggest starting there. Regardless of what your goals are, until you understand how to create a routine I would stick to what works. Later on when you have a more fundamental understanding of proper lifting and recovery plans, you can choose to do what you wish.
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    Please don't ask the same question twice, on the same forum, on the same day.

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