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Thread: Monster Mini Bands - how much tension from an 84" rack for reverse bands

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    Monster Mini Bands - how much tension from an 84" rack for reverse bands

    Going to incorporate reverse bands back into my regime on Friday as part of my HCT-12 routine so trying to plan out my sets so that I don't miss any of my ramp sets. Wondering what doubled monster mini's would give me at the bottom on my reverse band lifts. Any estimates?
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    You're probably just going to have to see for yourself. Just hang a bar in the bands and keep adding weight to the bar until it hangs down far enough (for BP or SQ) or reaches the floor (for DL). When the bar reaches the desired level, see how much weight is on the bar and that is how much is being de-loaded. I don't really know exactly how tall my power rack is and I've never used monster mini's for reverse band work, so I can't really make any estimations.
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    I think the ratio that quantifies the coefficient of x over y squared is equal to "Who cares?" No offense I'm just having some fun. I am betting a lot of guys are going to agree with me. Just do whatever you do with them and next make sure to add more weight or reps. No rocket science here. SFW!

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    More than a mini, less than a light band. Not every band is equal so just do like Vincent said.
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    Honestly, I just keep records for each band/rack combo that I use. Then I lift. I've never used less than a light/purple band.

    Also, you say "doubled" so I would think that would take off quite a lot. Normally you just choke bands at the top of the rack and then loop the other end over the bar. I would be concerned that doubling the bands might yank the bar out of the hooks at light weights. Be very careful that doesn't happen.
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    I would not double them, just run the pins through the bands or choke the bands at the top of the power rack.

    To find out on deadlifts is easy just load the bar till it is weightless on the floor and the weight on the bar is how much it deloads.

    When I have done reverse monsters for deads I run the pins through the bands at 5'6" and the deload is approx 45lbs, same set up with average bands 100.
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