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Thread: Lifestyle change has turned my training upside down ARGH!!

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    Lifestyle change has turned my training upside down ARGH!!

    Hi all,

    A recent career change has meant that my previous routine has been turned on its head. Prior to changing jobs I use to go to the gym every morning for an hour for 5 days a week for pure weights, I then did two to three hours of thai boxing training for my cardio in the evenings. Based on this regime I was happy to have carbs for breakfast and lunch and had no carbs in the evening. I have read previously that you need carbs as well as protein after a good weights workout to build muscle, so was happy to have a high carb post work out breakfast.

    However now I get home late from work and am limited to weights 3 days a week (approx an hour and a half) meaning I dont eat my evening meal until around 8. However am a bit scared about having carbs this late because i have always followed a carb curfew type diet. I have tried it for the last week and although i dont appear to put on weight, I have gone up a notch size on my belt!

    Can anyone who is in a similar position to me give me any tips/ideas on how I could enjoy my new routine and compliment it with a good diet that doesnt mean Im bloated or put on too much fat?

    Thanks in anticipation!!!!

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    Your activity level dropped so your food should accomodate... meaning eat a little less if you're not as active. Being scared of carbs is silly.
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