Meet day SPF nationals june 5th


felt real confident on my squats going into this meet but i didn't put my weight back on very well even though it was a small cut. from 205 to 195 (woops!)

squats at noon in the 4th flight
gear was a bit loose

1st 850 good - was surprised at how deep they were calling depth. i was pleased, very consistent and strict!
2nd 900 miss - didn't tighten straps or wraps
3rd 900 good - took it rather deep and came up well. tighter wraps and straps

eleventy hundred hours later, bench (really about 4pm) 6th flight, < yeah really

1st 460 good - real conservative opener was super fast
2nd 500 good - lil slower but real smooth
3rd 520 misgrooved low

deadlift 4th flight at 630
1st 630 good - super easy
2nd 665 good - fast but almost fell forward at the top
3rd 705 miss - blew it up off the floor very fast but didn't get my hips down enough at the start. knees locked when it got past my knees and lost it. shocked at how i missed this, very weird. definitely feels like it was ther for the taking i just messed up.

ended up with a 2065 pr total. not all i hoped for but still a good day for me. very close to the top 20 all time total list

couple vids

900 squat

665 pull