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Thread: Broken Wrist

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    Broken Wrist

    I recently broke my wrist quite badly in 4 places on a dirt bike and have now got plates and screws in there. I am obviously frustrated at the prospect of not being able to train my upper body (both sides) for at least a few months. Now is obviously a good time to focus on legs and a bit more cardio !!! I already feel that I am losing some of my hard earned gains.................

    Couple of questions:

    1. Should I train my arms, chest and and shoulders seperately on my "good side", at least minimally for maintainenance ? I feel when I get back to full strength I may be 'unbalanced' and cause injury when utilising the weaker side ????

    2. Any one broke a wrist and got back to "full heavy training" ? I am obviously concerned I may never be able to do full BB Curls, bench press, skullcrushers, deadlifts etc

    Any advice or comments appreciated.

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    1. Train everything that is still trainable. Remember there is some evidence for a cross-over effect where training one side can benefit the other side, even if it is not trained.
    2. There's no real reason you can't return to normal training once you are healed up. You will undoubtedly have some arthritis, but you should be able to do most normal training movements. For anything you are limited with, you should be able to work around it adequately. I've haven't had this sort of injury myself, but there are some powerlifters who have snapped both bones in the forearm and have come back to training and competition.

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    ive recently broke my scaphoid pretty bad which if you dont know is a very critical bone in your hand for range of motion and strength.

    i just started lifting again after being out for 8 weeks with the injury. i would recommend not lifting at all i dont care what people say even if you squat you're putting pressure on your wrist which can prolong the healing or mess up the healing process. especially since you have plates and screws i would not mess with anything at all.

    i would just take the time off and let your body rest and hit it hard when its healed. yeah you might lose some strength but keep your diet up and get back at it when you're healed.

    yeah you should be able to lift just like you were, but give it time. its going to take time to be 100% again. trust me if you arent patient you will just prolong everything
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