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Thread: Rag on the Mags #4 - Muscle & Fitness: July 2010 - New Article!

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    Rag on the Mags #4 - Muscle & Fitness: July 2010 - New Article!

    'Rag on the Mags' is our brand new feature in which we will to review the current crop of Muscle and Powerlifting publications as they come out each month, before they hit the newsstands.

    The basic idea here is that we will present you with the CliffsNotes® of the pertinent info, allowing you to determine if it’s worthwhile for you to run a comb through your hair, head into civilization, and plunk down roughly six-bucks for the issue.

    We present to you the July 2010 issue of Muscle & Fitness!


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    I have really been digging the "rag on the mags" section- appreciate it!
    Most people pray for a lighter load in life...ever thought of praying for a stronger back?

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    Must suck for M&F to have a cover boy that got KTFO his last fight. He is stupid explosive though, moves like a 205 lb fighter
    Bench: Half a subway club
    Squat: to pee
    Deadlift: no thanks

    don't let the 12" pythons fool you....i can run way faster scared than you can mad

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    I'm guessing a guy with the look they want that does MMA is more important than a win/loss ratio. It brings in guys that just think MMA is the latest cool thing and fans of the sport that would know about his recent beatdown would probably open the mag just because it was honoring their sport. For them, cover models are all about broadening readership to get the extra 5-20% that may or may not pick up the mag while browsing the newsstand.

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