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Thread: Slow anf Fast Reps

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    Slow anf Fast Reps

    I was curious about the different results or if it matters or doesnt matter if you do your reps slow or fast. I read that you should do 4 seconds pushing the weight up rest 2 seconds at the top and 4 seconds going down. Will this help to get bigger? I also read that doing reps fast will increase strength instead of size is that true? Does it really matter if you lift fast or slow?

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    Just lower the weight with control, then lift it as hard as you can. Lifting slow will cause you to have to lower the weight, and that is counter-productive to getting stronger.

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    The whole tempo thing is ridiculous and takes away from the lift. As Off Raod said just control the weight. Lifting explosively is great for size and strength and should be used with a lot of lifts. But remember to explode into a contraction and not let momentum take over as alot do. Also the weight may not move very fast but as long as the intent is there your miscles can't tell the difference.

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