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Every guy wants a strong, V-shaped back. Usually, the traditional pulling exercises such as chin-ups, pull ups, Bent over rows, seated row and deadlifts are great for building a thick, strong back. But, what happens when these protocols become less effective through the process of adaption? The answer is - you need to do something new to spark new muscle. The speed row variations featured in the video are just what the doctor order to improve motor unit recruitment, stimulate more high threshold muscle fibers and build insane pulling power.

Speed rows DO NOT replace heavy load pulling variations mentioned above. Speed rows should be used as part of a comprehensive back program to spark new growth through a new training stimulus. So, use them as a workout finisher, as a contrast set after performing heavy seated rows. Or, simply use them as a stand-alone exercise in within your back workout.

Regardless, the band resistance involved in the speed rows allows you to do something you cannot do with any other pulling device such as a dumbbell or cable pulley system. Bands do not increase their momentum and therefore maintain constant tension while you move at high speeds. High speed against resistance means high intensity exercise. And or course, high intensity exercise means more muscle growth.

Perform any of the speed row variations featured in the video for 4-6 sets of 8-12 seconds.


Nick Tumminello, the director of Performance University, is a nationally recognized coach and educator who works with a select group of athletes, physique competitors, and exercise enthusiasts in Baltimore, Maryland. Go to his website to get your free “Smarter & Stronger” video course.


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