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Thread: Nice meal that can last you 3 weeks from Costco that only costs $30

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    Nice meal that can last you 3 weeks from Costco that only costs $30

    So being the broke guy that I am, I'm always looking for ways to get my protein in for the least dough.

    You can buy a 6 pack can of salmon and a 10 pack can of chili and some vegetables for about $30.

    Take 1/3 of of a can of salmon, mix it with 1/3 can of chili, add some brown rice and some vegetables and voila - a healthy meal with about 25g of protein.

    Sounds nasty but it's really good. Just make sure not to add too much rice or else it'll taste pretty bland.

    Anybody else have any good Costco protein recipes? (I already do the skinless chicken breasts and turkey burgers) Just looking for more variety.

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    Hormel turkey chili no beans @ Walmart. Like 1.50 a can and has about 40g of protein in it.

    For something that tastes good and is pretty cheap, check this out.

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    Costco has cheap 10 lb bags of chicken as well. Perdue brand..They taste REALLLY bland, but I cook them in BBQ sauce and they taste great. I cook 5 of them per night and 3 bags last me a month. $60 on dinner per month, not bad. Well, $65 because I use rice too.
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    I love Costco. Thank you guys for giving me some cheap options for high protein meals.

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    I make what I call poor mans spicy tuna roll... I take a couple cans of tuna and mix it with rice. I usually add some mayo (to keep it together), soy or liquid aminos and hot sauce. You can mix it a head of time and it'll last about a week in the fridge. It makes a great quick snack option, not just a regular meal.
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    No issues costco is the best but there are more hybrid to come which hopefully would be better than this one!

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    I take a several containers of salmon and mix it with grain. I usually add some mayonnaise (to keep it together), soy or fluid aminos and hot marinade. You can mix it a go of your energy and energy and effort and it'll last about per weeks time in the refrigerator.
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