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Thread: I need Pro-Am info, but can't get a hold of Mike

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    I need Pro-Am info, but can't get a hold of Mike

    I've called the past couple of days and all I get is the answering machine. I left a couple of messages, but he still hasn't returned my call. I want to compete in the Amateur division and I'm trying to understand how the qualifying total works. Are they for entering the meet or just for qualifying for money prizes?

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    I don't think there are qualifying totals for the Amateur division. The totals listed are to lift on the pro days.
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    No qualifying totals for the Amateur meet.

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    Mike traveled with Rich Franklin to Vancouver over the weekend for the fight. He should be back on Monday. Mike does all of Rich's strength and conditioning stuff.

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    Anyone can lift on the AM day regardless of total. Qualifiers & money are for pro's only. Entry form can be found here
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    thanks guys. mike called me last night to confirm.

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