I am just under 6'3 and squat wide stants. I weight in at around 255 moving on to 275 next year. So I am quite lean. I started out squating with my toes pointing straight. I was later told to have my toes pointing outwards (45 degrees out) as it gets the glutes involved more. The more muscle groups you invole the more weight you can move in the long run. I have recently purchased an Ace pro squatter. I tried it out a couple of days ago with 573lbs on the bar. I couldn't even come close to depth with the straps up but very loose.

I was than told that I need to have my toes pointing forward because toes out puts more straing on the groin and limits the amount of work my hamies can do. The person that told me that is almost a foot shorter than me but he is a good squatter. All the videos I see of big squaters all have there toes out.

What is a better way to squat in the long run?

thank you