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Thread: Taking a break due to oral surgery

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    Taking a break due to oral surgery

    I am having some minor oral surgery (removing a benign bump in the roof of my mouth). I was told I will be on a soft diet for a week or two and will have to stay home one week from work.

    A few questions:

    1. I will be under for the surgery and wondering what affect this may have on strength training/body building if any?

    2. Does anyone have any suggestions for the soft diet? I am hoping I don't have to take a weight gainer to maintain muscle

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonsan1 View Post
    Usually when a person is"taking a break" that means they want to break up & don't have the courage to tell you. Or they met someone else an this is their way of sayin it. In your case you either need to make time or break up cause if u dont see ur boyfriend much he's not much of a boyfriend now is he? like i said before make time or it's break time.
    that is the most pointless responsive i have read, im not even sure if its supposed to be funny? it reminds me of those microsoft bing commercials when someone says something and then they just ramble about something completely different. you fail...

    but anyways, i wouldnt worry about it to much 2 weeks really isnt a big deal in the long run. and just judge your body with how you feel. if its just minor it seems like you would be ready to go in a couple days, i mean i certainly wouldnt attempt any PRs within 2-3 weeks but it seems like you would be fine to handle a small workout, treat it as a deload just go in and do some lite lifts. listen to your body it will let you know when you are ready again.

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    I agree with the above about the working out part.

    As far as getting enough calories, you should be able to whip up some nice shakes at home...something along the lines of icecream/penutbutter/bannanas/whole milk, maybe throw some frozen strawberriers in there too.
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