I have been maintaining a journal for the last year or so and during that time I managed to get my fat ass down from 205lbs (unknown bodyfat - just fat lol) to 171.5lbs (12.5% bodyfat).

My original goal was to push down to 10%, but after 12+ months of getting my weight down I've decided that it's all getting a bit draining and I need to focus on gaining some lean muscle as once I cut down I realised there wasn't much there (it's amazing when you are fat, how you kid yourself you have a ton of muscle under there).

I've spent the last 15 weeks or so with Shelby Starnes as my diet coach and most of my progress has actually been made during this window and am sticking with him for my new phase - a lean bulk.

I'm quietly confident that I should be able to maintain my current level of leanness because with the very low carb plan I would tend to stick with it for anywhere between 7-10 days but then fall off for the wagon2-3 days and eat TONS. This type of inconsistency has meant it took me longer to get lean.

With the new plan, I still have low carb days and some cardio to do, but I get to enjoy some high and med carb days and I feel confident about being more consistent with this place which you never know.. might even mean my overal calorie intake over a given month isn't miles away from what it is. But we'll see.

So my main goal is to get back to focusing on strength (I'm weak as hell right now) and to put on some quality lean muscle without putting on much bodyfat - hence a lean bulk.

I have a vacation on July 24th, so I am gonna do a mini 2 week cut either side of it, but apart from that it's lean bulk/gain strength through to summer 2011.

The overall plan is:

  • full body weights, 3 times a week
  • 2 hours cardio a week
  • 2 high carb days, 1 medium carb day and 4 low carb days

So, a bit like this:

  • Mon - weights: full body (high carb)
  • Tues – 10min intervals + 45min medium cardio(low carb)
  • Weds - weights: full body (high carb)
  • Thurs - off (low carb)
  • Fri - weights: full body (med carb)
  • Sat – 10min intervals + 45min medium cardio(low carb)
  • Sun - off (low carb)

Wish me luck