Take a break, sit down, and relax for a minute. Sip on a nice hot cup of tea, and maybe read the paper. Or you can just rip your car up to the drive through of the nearest coffee stand, order up a big fat green tea, and roar off at a million miles a minute listening to death metal, plotting your next dead-lift PR. Whatever works. Just as long as you take some time for Tea!

I know. Weight lifters don't run! Especially if you wanna be big! However, I'm not telling you to run. I'm telling you run like hell!

No going for a leisurely jog or an easy beach laden 5k. I'm talking about something most runners don't know of, never heard of, and will never do or try. It's not running. It's running like hell!

So what the hell is it?

Prowler Sprints

The prowler is a unique type of sled designed for pushing. It has bar placements for the hands to either be placed high, or extremely low, putting the body at an aggressive angle, which brutally attack the hips, hamstrings and core.

It also has pins for Olympic plates to be added to increase the load, increasing the punishment. Sprints behind this masochist tool are usually performed 20 to 40 yards at a time.

The Prowler - Perfect for some Self-Punishment!

Sled Drags

The sled is a flat piece of iron in which you can load weight onto. It's capable of being attached to a tow rope and harness, therefore allowing you to sprint full speed ahead with anywhere from 20-100lbs being slung around behind you.

Sled drags are usually performed with distances ranging from 20 to 60 yards at full effort.

Tire Rolls

Tire rolls are unique, and uniquely brutal. To perform this you need a tire ranging from 500-700lbs. You also need a big husky friend to help you stand it up, unless you're in the bad ass department and can do it on your own.

Once the tire is standing, you'll need about 200 yards of flat street, or 50 yards of slightly vertical feet. From there, you'll push the tire and attempt to reach full speed rolling it down the street attempting to direct it straight. Once you near your desired finish line, you'll sprint around the tire and try to bring it to a stop before you take out a school bus or small house.

Hill Climbs

Hill climbs are probably the easiest to perform because all you need is a hill and ridiculous motivation. Target a hill that gives you an aggressive 40 yards, yet still allows for a 10-15 yard approach to build up speed.

Get your speed and rock that pig!

Running like hell not only helps quad, hip, and hamstring development, but also dramatically aids in fat loss and cardiovascular capacity.

No need to fear muscle loss or looking foolish here.

Run like hell!


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