Hey guys,

I am doing SS, and am looking to bulk. I know Rippetoe and others recommend a gallon of milk per day. Being lactose intolerant that is impossible for me, while I've grown more accustomed to it then when I was a kid, any more than a glass or two is bad news for me.

So I'm looking for foods to substitute. Whole milk is 8g/13g/8g (fat/carb/protein) per 8 ounces, or roughly 1g/1.5g/1g per ounce. I know there are other nutritional benefits beyond the caloric, which may be difficult to replicate.

Foods I've been looking at include
- peanut butter and whole bread
- cottage cheese (again, some limits on quantity)
- nuts
- eggs (in lieu of cereal for breakfast)
- protein powder

Any other ideas?