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Thread: Strained ab when benching?

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    Strained ab when benching?

    I usually bench with an arch (not sure how my form/set-up is but it usually works for me) is it possible that's what caused me to strain my ab? I didn't feel something pop or anything like that just my left lower abdominal region is really really sore today (benched yesterday). How can I prevent this from happening again?
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    My training partner had the same thing happen. He avoided things that aggravated it until it healed and it hasn't been a problem since. As far as I can tell it was one of those freak injuries, so I'm not sure how you can avoid it again. Do you wear a belt when you bench? I've had a tight belt pull on my skin when I set up to bench and leave me sore the next day.

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    I'd be interested in seeing video of you benching. It's very likely that you're doing something wrong in the movement if you hurt your abs while benching.

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