Hey guys,

Been getting forearm pain and elbow joint pain when lifting weights over the past few weeks. I ice them usually after heavy workouts and have up'd my fish oil intake. I no longer do movements which give me real discomfort like curls/pulldowns/chinsups, that sort of motions.

Currently using mueller elbow wraps but seem pretty ****ty and dont give me full support. I live in australia and cant find any decent wraps to combat the pain...

Ive looked on various different US sites, read some reviews etc and APT seem the way to go but almost all there decent wraps are out of stock

I heard that vulkan sleeves seem to be good also the tommy konos ( about the only sleeve which is in stock at APT ). The tommys are knee sleeves which can be used for elbow sleeves too, but wondered if me putting the sleeves over my knees would stretch them too much for my elbows? Would it be worth getting two pairs? One for elbows, one for sleeves? Or go the vulkan sleeves and buy a pair of tommys for knee sleeves for my squats.

Any help is appreciated... Thanks guys.