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Thread: I need a back safe leg routine for the next couple of months.

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    I need a back safe leg routine for the next couple of months.

    3 months ago, I was doing well on 5/3/1...

    I got my squat up to 355x5 and my deadlift to upper 300's for 10 reps and middle 400's for 3. Then one morning I was scheduled to squat....I got up out of bed and my back was really it was tough to bend over. My instinct said to skip that day, but being my dumb self I went and did 355 on squats. I got through the workout, but ever since that day my back hasn't healed 100%. I thought I was good last week as I had zero pain so I tried to deadlift. I pulled up 405 no problem with zero pain but now its Monday and I couldn't even bend down over the sink to wash my face/brush my teeth today. So I decided, I am not going to even touch DL's/Squats until I am 100% confident that I am recovered.

    In the meantime, I still want to work my legs but I am not exactly sure what is "back safe". I know leg press can put strain on your back, but I find that is only if I go all the way down. If I set the pins at the top, I can get a pretty good, pain free workout in. What else can I do?
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